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Sequal Eclipse 3

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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Sequal Eclipse 3
MSRP: $4,995
Internet Price: $3,995

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Sequal Eclipse 3 Basic Package:
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 Battery
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 Traveling Cart with telescopic handle
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 Accessory Bag
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 AC Power Supply
- 1 Sequal Eclipse 3 DC Power Supply

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The Sequal Eclipse is one of the only Portable Oxygen Machines that is FAA approved and Continuous Flow!

The Sequal Eclipse Portable Oxygen Concentrator is perfect for the patients that must have a continuous flow. Patients that need pulse flow during the day can also use this Oxygen Concentrator. If you leave the unit on pulse and fall asleep with the unit, it will change right over to continuous flow for nocturnal use! Sequal uses the latest technology for the new Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator. 

Traveling with the Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator

The Sequal Eclipse 3 is one of the only FAA approved oxygen machines. Almost every airline has approved it for travel. The Portable Oxygen Concentrator weighs 17.9 pounds with one battery and 19 lbs with the Sequal Eclipse 3 Traveling cart that is included in every package. With this Oxygen Machine you can have both a continuous flow and pulse flow, the Sequal Eclipse 3 should be the only unit you will need to bring for your vacations. You can charge your batteries in any pulg or car cigarette lighter, being able to use the oxygen concentrator while you charge your battery. This is a all in on Portable Oxygen Machine perfect for extended travel.

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Sequal Eclipse Weekly Rental Programs

$195 Per Week with One Battery
$295 Per Week with Two Batteries
$395 Per Week with Three Batteries
$445 Per Week with Four Batteries
$495 Per Week with Five Batteries

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Specifications for the Sequal Eclipse 3 Portable Oxygen Concentrator:

 Battery Life: 4.5 Hours on Setting 1.5 
 Weight: 17.9 lbs with 1 Battery | 19 Lbs with Battery and Traveling Cart 
 Oxygen Flow: 1-6 Pulse Flow | 1-3 Continuous Flow 
 Size: 19.3" H x 12.3" W x 7.1" D 
 Noise Level: 41 to 44 dBA 
 Use: Stationary, Portable, Travel 
 Maximum Flow: 6 LPM Pulse and 3 LPM Continuous 
 Minimum Flow: 1 LPM Pulse and 1 LPM Continuous 
 Maximum Altitude: 13,000 ft 
 Power Settings: AC or DC 
 Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty 

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