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Respironics Evergo

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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The EverGo Made By Respironics

The Respironics EverGo is a life changing Pulse Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator. If you have a active lifestyle, this Oxygen Machine would be the best Concentrator for you. Weighing in at only 8 lbs with one battery or less than 10 lbs with two batteries. The Respironics Evergo is one of the lightest units on the market! The Respironics Evergo is one of the only Portable Oxygen Concentrators approved by the FAA for traveling by air. The EverGo is known for being on of the best traveling Oxygen Concentrators with the 8 hours of battery life without needing to charge. You get more freedom, More battery life, because of the Respironics Evergo.


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Purchase the Respironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator and receive free shipping now! Every Patient is happy with the reliability and durability of the Evergo. Rent the Respironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Machine, to test it out before purchasing! Rent the Oxygen Concentrator and we will credit the first week rental to the purchasing price for a brand new Respironics Evergo.

Respironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator Rental:

$195 Per week with One Battery
$295 Per week with Two Batteries
$395 Per week with Three Batteries
$445 Per week with Four Batteries
$495 Per week with Five Batteries

The Respironics Evergo Features

- Small -

The Respironics Evergo is 12" long and 6" wide. The machine only weighs 9.5lbs with 2 batteries and 8.5 with one.

- Durable -

The Respironics Evergo has hands on touched screen that is water-resistant and fluid-resistant. The Portable Oxygen Concentrator is made for Air Travel and comes standard with 2 batteries that can be used both at the same time, or both at different times. With one battery in the Respironics Evergo the Oxygen Concentrator will last 4 hours, with 2 batteries you will receive 8 hours of battery life! Not only can you charge the batteries in the machine, you can charge the batteries and use the machine at the same time!

- Portable -

The Respironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Machine comes with the compact traveling / protective carrying bag, and no other external accessories are needed to keep the machine up and running.

- Pulse Flow -

The Respironics Evergo is a pulse dose concentrator that operates with the touch screen and has adjustable settings from 1-6 on pulse flow. The settings go up by 1/2 increments. When you are traveling with the Respironics Evergo Portable Oxygen Concentrator, just plug it in the cigarette lighter and charge the Oxygen Concentrator while using it. Extra batteries are always available.

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Specifications for the Respironics Evergo

Weight: 10 lbs (4.5kg) with 2 Batteries
8.5 lbs (3.9kg) with 1 Battery
Dimensions: 12" (30.5cm) L x 6" (15.2cm) W x 8.5" (21.6cm) H
AC Power: 100 - 240 VAC, 50 - 60hz, 1.0 AMP
DC Power: 18 VDC, 5 AMP 12 - 18 VDC, 5 AMP
Sound Level: 47 dBA typical at a setting of 2
Battery Life: 2 Batteries = 8 Hours
1 Battery = 4 Hours
Temperature: 41 F to 104 F (5 C to 40 C)
Oxygen Concentration: 89% +/- 3%
Oxygen Delivery Pulse Flow Settings: 1-6 .5 increments
Filter: Gross Particle, Inlet Filter, Micro-Felt Filter (bacteria)
Outlet Pressure: 3 PSI
Power Consumption: 110 W at 100 VAC (Charging)
120 W at 240 VAC (Charging)
70 W (Not Charging)
Oxygen Purity Alarm: Low Oxygen at 83%
Storage Temperature/ Transport Humidity: -4 F to 140 F (-20 C to 60 C) up to 95% RH non-condensing
Indicators: Low Battery at 17 minutes left
Battery status on touch screen and on battery
No breath alarm after 2 minutes
Altitude: Up to 8000 ft
Humidity: Up to 95%
Warranty: 3 Years

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