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Oxlife Independence

Portable Oxygen Concentrator
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Doctors and Patients have asked for a light weight continuous flow Portable Oxygen Concentrator for awhile now. Oxlife has answered with the new Oxlife Indpendence Portable Oxygen Machine!

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator
MSRP: $5,995.00
Internet Pricing: $4,395

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Continuous Flow:

The Oxlife Independence gives out a continuous flow up to 3 LPM 24/7. This Oxygen Concentrator is one of the only units you can use 24/7 during the day and at night! Gives out the same continuous oxygen supply as the large stationary home oxygen machines. Only Weighs in at 14.85 lbs and about the size of a coffee maker. It is small, convenient and never needs a refill of oxygen, saving you $$$!

Conserve Flow:

Pulse Dose Flow up to a setting of 6 LPM equivalent and up to 30 breaths per minute. The patient now has more freedom and comfort they deserve and the oxygen they need. The batteries will last 3 hours at a setting of 2 Pulse.


When using for sleeping use continouous flow unless you have a physicians approval for pulse flow delivery at night.


With the new Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator, oxygen patients can now have the independence to live their life and come and go as they want. There is no worrying about running out of oxygen and having to wait for the delivery truck. With this Oxygen Machine there is no need for refills, it creates its own oxygen! When a emergency takes place you are ready to go!

Built to Last:

The Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Machine has an all aluminum frame/shell including battery for exceptional durability and strength for those little mishaps unlike breakable plastic oxygen concentrators.


Every Oxygen Concentrator is manufactured to the highest quality standard and are run and checked prior to shipping out of our warehouse. We believe your satisfaction is our goal.


Since 1992 OxLife has specialized in travel portable oxygen concentrators and in fact pioneered the first 12 volt power, 3LPM concentrator the L-3. We specialize in Travel Portable Oxygen Concentrators. We treat every patient as our best customer!

The Oxlife is Patient friendly, uncomplicated, and operates just like your home oxygen machine. It carries a battery that has a built in level indicator. The Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator has a durable 3 pin plug , just drop it in and go battery. The Oxygen Concentrator will charge the battery and can be used at the same time! The maintenance is very easy for the Oxlife Portable Oxygen Machine, just wipe off perforated intake vent, no filter to clean or buy!

Non-Medical Look

Padded Carry Case

One of the Only Continuous Flow Portable Oxygen Concentrators that can be carried over your shoulder or use the convenient traveling cart with the telescoping handle and smooth rolling wheels

Oxlife Independence Includes:

Oxlife Independence Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Traveling Case
Traveling Cart
Rechargeable Lithium Polymer Battery
Accessory Case
AC DC Power Supplies
Owner Manual

Oxlife Indendence Portable Oxygen Machine Specifications:

 Weight: 14.85 lbs (11.85 lbs without battery) 
 Dimensions: 8" L x 8" W x 12" H 
 Conserve Flow (Pulse): 1-6 LPM, 15ml per LPM equivalency 30 BPM 
 Continuous Flow: 1-3 LPM .5 increments 
 AC Power Supply: 100-240V 50/60Hz (auto sensing) Worldwide use (144 watt max at 100 VAC with chargin) 
 DC Power Supply:  12-14V (5amp conserve at 2) (10 amp, 12 amp charging at 3 LPM continuous) (24 VDC 6 amp max with charge)
 Battery Duration: Fully Charged 3 hours at 2 LPM conserve, 1 Hour at 3 LPM continuous 
 Battery 101 Watt lithium polymer battery metal encased 
 Battery Charger: Internal 8 Hours External 4 Hours 
 Operating Temperature: 40F to 103F up to 95% relative humidity 
 Outlet Pressure: 4 PSI 
 Warranty: 3 Years Limited 90 Days on Accessories 
 Oxygen Delivery: 90% +/- 3% (at sea level 70F) 

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